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By the lake workshop editorial

Il Mio Canale

Il Mio Canale

From the photographer Lily Red Creative: 

"If you think about traditional Lake Como, it’s normally spent by the lake, looking up at the mountains. We decided to come from a different perspective: on the top of those mountains and looking down on the lake. A grand and epic view that not many people get to experience, there are beautiful hikes and winding dirt roads. When you can drive no more, you know that you’ve reached the top. During the summer months, there are cows, sheep, donkeys, and goats roaming the mountain top, grazing from one spot to the next. They are friendly and always excited to see new travelers!

On the top of the mountain, Lake Como on one side and Lugano Lake in Switzerland on the other, this hidden epic landscape and open sky captured the feeling we wanted to share to end the By the Lake Workshop.


photography: Lilly Red Creative //

event design: Lilly Red Creative (and styling) //

florals: Christine Cater //

wedding dress: Lovers Society x Green Wedding Shoes // hairpiece: Guinevere Vines //

bride's ring: Starling //

hair stylist: Marta Schiavone // makeup artist: Marta Schiavone // groom attire: Linneo Archivable Clothing //

videography: 2 become 1 //

design + styling: Christine Cater //

design + styling : Raffaella Redaelli //

jewelry: Helping Jewels

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